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Pioneer VSX-1023-K In-Ceiling Surround Sound Installation

$2,995.00 Installed in Your Home!

This package is a perfect surround sound system for a family room / living room area where the TV is to the right or left of the fireplace. By using in-ceiling speakers the symmetrical dynamics of your surround sound system is maintained while the center speaker is located at the TV. It is also a good setup for rooms that don't have space around the TV or on the wall  for in-wall front and center speakers....and it sounds incredible!

For this package price there must be attic access above the room it is to be installed in, as well as access in the wall the audio / video receiver is to be located. Multimedia Concepts can install and hide wire in a multitude of methods and places, and labor varies. This Surround Sound System installation price is based on available access.

We would welcome the opportunity to evaluate your room and determine your specific needs.

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Family Surround Sound Surround sound system

Universal Remote InstallationColor graphics, one touch operation and custom back up in an standalone remote? Meet the MX-450! The affordable MX-450 is an exercise in cutting edge design combining extraordinary functionality with a beautiful color interface. Whether you are controlling one component or two dozen, the MX-450 keeps you in control. With three main pages that support up to 24 audio or video components your remote can expand with your home theater. Go beyond text and experience engaging graphical icons for devices, activities and popular favorite channels. The MX-450 revolution doesn’t stop with form and function; it extends to powerful installation tools. Universal Remote Control has provided advanced functions that allow custom installers to fine tune your remote for your needs. The built-in remote program navigator allows your installer to program and edit in real-time directly on the LCD screen. The only stand alone, customizable remote control that allows your installer to archive your unique program file. Utilizing special MX-450 software, they can easily back up your control configuration. This special software also allows the MX-450 to stave off obsolescence by downloading updates with the latest firmware and IR library for new products. Whatever your needs, the MX-450 provides an elegant color solution for simple home automation.

Our Surround Sound Installations

Each surround sound system installation is different to some degree when it comes to a quality install. Types of speakers as well as speaker placement will often be determined by the access to the areas requiring installation. For example if you live in a two story home and you want to install a surround sound system in the family room on the first floor then wiring routes are not as easy to access and will require more labor and possibly materials. The surround sound installation package price listed here is based on a single story house with adequate attic access for speaker installation as well as the head-in equipment (A/V Receiver, DVD Player, and other related surround sound sources.

Surround Sound System Wiring

We have been installing technology in homes for over twenty years. We are very progressive in finding cost effective solutions for installing surround sound system wiring in walls and ceilings to meet you goals.

Surround Sound System Pricing

Before you choose your surround sound installer please check out our pricing and allow us to perform a free consultation and tailor a surround sound system installation package for your home. Need a TV to go with your surround sound system? Check out